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Kittens raised by me with help from family

Well I guess its about time that I write a post on here about the kittens. Some of you may know which kitties I am talking about, but for those of you who don’t know the story, please let me share it with you. Here it goes!!!

24 days ago today, ( October 5th, 2013) my dad was doing some end of the year yard-work when he found 4 abandoned kittens outside, only a few days old. It was so cold out and they were in a really bad spot, so they decided the best and only person who would take them in would be me. We all immediately fell in love with those little bundles of cuteness. So this is actually where Our journey begins……..


I was unsure of what to do first, all I knew is they needed a place to sleep and something to eat (and with a 3-year-old, I was bound to have “baby” things kicking around). I first thought of the Syringe that you take/measure medicine with, we had like 3 of them so I took that and we used it. My sister was first to feed them and it went okay, but of course we had no clue how much they even should be eating. After we got them all settled, we had a lot of researching to do. I love Google for this reason, whatever I need an answer to google can usually give me one, so we took some notes and sorta had an idea what to do with them..We also came to the conclusion that they were roughly 8-10 days old when we found them. Their eyes were still closed…


This is what they looked like when they first arrived!:

IMG_1287 we1

Sunday was when I started realizing little things like the first time I fed them I was so nervous and stressed, it really wasn’t going good and I actually couldn’t do it. I had to get my sister to come help. We together thought “Hey maybe the Snot-Sucker would be a better alternative to the Syringe” and she was right, they drank from it like a bottle and I found it to be easier. I had actually fed them myself, what an accomplishment though 🙂 …That night we also gave them a bath because they were a little stinky and dirty. All went all but I was a little exhausted, especially since I had to feed them every 2 hours… Yeah I know right?!!! lol…


Monday is when my Mom went to the pet shop to get milk and the proper bottle. They quickly adapted to it, which I found nice not having 3 different cups and syringes etc…just 1 bottle, heat it up and its ready to go for all 4 of them. They were just the sweetest little things with their tiny ears and faces! We always bundle them up to feed them.




Here’s a few things that have happen since. There’s this one little guy, he’s all grey and is as cute as a button. He happens to be the one my sister and niece like so they are taking her! Anyways one day I had to take the hubby down to the hospital and it was their feeding time so I asked my mom if she could come over to feed them for me this time. When she came over she said one of the kitties had his head stuck through one of the handles trying to get out (we first used a Pampers box), he was okay thankfully but I noticed for that night and most of the next day, he wasn’t eating much/properly, thankfully the day after he was back to himself and ate quite a bit that morning 🙂 That is when I knew I had to get a taller box with no handles…Luckily I had one and it soon became their new “living area”. So that was incident No.1 with her. Also just so everyone knows, we had a room where we keep them locked up so our other cats or kids can’t hurt them!..



This next one is a little heartbreaking, but know there’s still a happy ending. One night my son just had his bath and we went to feed them before he went to bed. Well I was sitting there feeding this cute little grey one which my sister named Lucky from the start (because they were found and saved) anyways he was in a blanket and was the last one to eat, the others were running around on the floor. One of them peed and one was running behind the couch and the other was trying to eat litter…everything happened so fast and to this day I am not 100% sure what happened, but I asked Riley to get me some paper towels and I was trying to get the one from going behind the couch and when I looked back  Lucky’s arm were sticking out of the blanket not moving and the rest of him was under the blanket… I instantly got upset and started crying, I grabbed the kitten and sent my son out of the room. Lucky was barely moving, his eyes had a dead stare in them and he was breathing so heavily. I was sure she was taking her last few breaths and that she was gonna die 😦 .. I cuddled her and cried and Really prayed that she would make it..I swaddled her up in the blanket and laid with her for a good hour, when she started to purr normally and tried to get up out of the blanket. I was SO relieved that she seemed to be okay. I put her down to make sure none of her legs or back was broken (We are gonna assume that among the craziness of the kitties running around, one of us may have not seen him and stepped on him, although this is only an assumption, I think its safe to say its a good one), thankfully she was okay and nothing seemed to be broke. I thought about keeping her by herself for the night but then thought “she’s been with her siblings since day 1 so I am gonna try her with them) and she did great. The next morning she was still a bit shaken up but by the end of the night she was back to her silly self!!! So to make a long story short, she almost didn’t make it but miraculously pulled through..I am very thankful♥


Then the little bugger climbed out of her bin where they used to sleep, so I had to upgrade their bed (giggles). Once they outgrow this one, I think it will be time to give them away! We predicted around the first or second week of November they should be good to go to new homes.

It sure is an adventure with them everyday and I am going to miss them when they are gone. We decided to keep one of them since day 1 because Riley just loves them, but it will take some getting used to from our other 2 cats which think they own the house LOL.. (any other cat owners have this problem?)


I will keep everyone up-to-date with this little journey, as the time is winding down, another 2 weeks left with them, maybe a bit more. I would like them gone before Christmas though because I just couldn’t handle 5 cats running around (giggles)

Stay tuned for more updates!~




Here is the 2nd batch of babies from the same stray cat




Homemade Frugal Halloween Tree

It’s that time of year again when the warm breeze dies, the days get gloomier and the smell of rot is in the air and I love it! I’m a Scorpio and despise the cold but can’t help but love when the cold begins everything starts to die off for the year because it means Halloween is coming, the BEST holiday on the planet 🙂

 For many people Halloween is a time to celebrate (remember) the dead and for many people it’s a time to eat candy, paint our faces ghoulish and have fun with our family. What’s a better way to have quality family fun than making your own Halloween decorations? Doing it frugally 🙂

 To make our “Frugal Halloween Tree”

  • We took a MegaBloks 100 piece blocks box and stuffed it with grocery bags for added weight and balance.
  • Next we took white paper, we had a roll for coloring, and taped it around the box using black duck tape and painted the paper.
  • After the paint was dried we placed Halloween stickers on the “trunk”, the adults then poked holes in the box in various places, for the branches which we gathered from our backyard, inserted and taped the branches in place to keep them from falling out!

 Now it’s time to decorate. 

  We made cute little bats and spiders using egg cartons, these are also great for multitudes of other crafts! We simply cut the cartons apart and painted them for the bodies and cut pieces from a box to make the wings. Cut small slits on each side of the carton, this is where you will insert the wings. For the spiders you’ll need to poke 3 holes on each side, next you cut pipe cleaners in half and insert them in the holes for legs 🙂

 The cute little ghosts were made using scrunched up coffee filters that were no longer usable for coffee. Take a small piece of recycled paper, newspaper or any other paper like material, scrunch it into a ball and place it in the middle of the filter. Twist the filter so it looks like a ghost and use a pipe cleaner to hold it closed, making sure to leave enough to use as a hook for the branches. Using a felt tip marker draw 2 eye’s and a mouth and voila you have a ghost! You can also take a few pipe cleaners and simply wrap them around each other to make very easy, fuzzy and adorable spiders 🙂



 You can make a tree such as this for any occasion,  Easter tree, Birthday tree, either way your kids will have fun making them and they’ll bring joy to your heart every time you see them 🙂 These are just a few of many ways to have quality Family time and celebrating Holidays while being frugal and reusing, all you need is imagination! 

Let us know what you think~

By: Jay (hubby)

FoodSaver V2040 Vacuum Packaging System Review


I’ve recently had the chance to review the FoodSaver V2040 and boy do I ever love it. I have wanted one of these since the moment I seen a commercial for it many years ago. Doing the type of work my Dad does, he uses this same machine and I’ve tasted his homemade smoked salmon a few months after it had been vacuum sealed and thrown in the freezer and let me tell ya, it tasted just as fresh as the day he sealed it. I was very impressed and knew this was the answer to saving money by eliminating food waste.


Prior to using the FoodSaver V2040 we would just double up on the freezer bags which Still left the food covered in frost. I absolutely love how it keeps our food so much more fresh and it also saves on the space in our freezer. No more bulky containers and freezer burn for us!! The FoodSaver itself is small enough to neatly store away for the next time you need it or leave it on the counter for easy access. It’s very simple to use, simply cut the size off the roll that you will need for your product to be sealed + 3 inches, seal one end, then vacuum it and your done! AND it only weighs 7.95 lbs. I also love that it has a convenient place to store the plug/cord.



The first time I used it was with a minute steak and I didn’t find it sucked much of the air out so I cut it just below the seam (on the END, never on the Side) and tried again. Only this time I sort of pushed down on the meat as it was sucking the air out and “helped” push some wrinkles out. I find that method worked a lot better. Once I started vacuum sealing, I couldn’t stop. I literally almost used the whole roll the first time I was so excited about it.


Some more info about the FoodSaver:

  • The bags are made with 5 layers of plastic and nylon outer layer to provide the best food protection
  • Removes all of the air from bag, leaving you with fresh food
  • You can re-use the bags, just make sure to follow the steps carefully (always leave 3 inches from your food to the seal and 1 extra inch for every time you plan to reuse)
  • It has a crush-free, hands-free instant seal and push & lock latch
  • You can boil the bag
  • Pre-Freeze everything so they don’t crush


No more food looking like this in our house!!

I urge you to buy one today and I promise it’ll save you money, time and alot less waste..They also make Perfect gifts, especially with Christmas coming up 🙂 *hint-hint*

You can find this product…………. For Approx $80.00 ……….

Find out more about this and all the other amazing products they make, by visiting their ****WEBSITE ****

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Downy Laundry Product Review

As parents we see and do a lot of smelly laundry so wherever we can we try to save on energy and that involves hanging our clothes on the line. Most of the time fabrics become rough and crispy feeling after being hung out to dry whether you use fabric softener or not! Thanks to Downy Infusions I no longer have to worry about getting towel burn on my face, lol.

What are these Infusions I speak of? They’re a wonderful fabric softening line with some very appealing scents “infused” into them with the same Downy softness I remember as a kid, Gramma was a lover of softener which I figure is the reason I love it as well 🙂 “Honey Flower”, “Citrus Spice”, “Lavender Serenity” and “Creamy Cashmere” are the four different scents available and do they ever smell great!
 The Cashmere was the scent I was given to review and we loved it! I can’t quite put my finger on it but smell a hint of coconut and possibly citrus as well as a mixture of other Devine aromas that cling to your clothes, leaving them smelling great days later. The creaminess of the Cashmere also leaves my clothes softer than I have ever had them feel using regular softener 🙂
 The second product line is another HUGE hit in my book of smells and is the perfect partner for the infusions mentioned above by the name of “Downy Unstoppables”. These magnificent little babies are known as scent boosters and they are used to enhance the smell of your clothes. I love that these easily dissolve in cold water as that is ALL we use to wash clothes, and the fact that I can use as little or as much as I want which is obviously a lot 😉 I enjoy walking past my closet and smelling the clean aroma escaping from my clothes behind the door, not to mention smelling good when I walk past people 🙂
This prized possession of mine is available in three scents that will surely have you smelling yourself, lol. These scents include “Fresh”, “Lush” and “Shimmer” and make even more mesmerizing smells when mixed and matched with Downy Infusions 🙂
  For more information on these product lines as well as other laundry products by Downy please visit:
their sites at:
Or on Facebook
Disclosure: I received product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review, which may differ from yours. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I used personally, and believe will be good for my readers.

Tide Pods Review

 Yogurt, ketchup, mustard and blueberries are a few of the items that end up on our little ones clothes,  so laundry is a daily routine in our house.  Being as go-go-go as we are, taking the time to pre-treat, add laundry soap & bleach is a way longer process than the little one wants to wait for (giggles). Tide Pods are the greatest time saving laundry product invented for parents, as well as anyone with a hectic schedule. They’re conveniently packaged into three compartments with the deliciously scented Tide laundry soap we all know and love, a brightener and a stain remover for the times your food jumps off your plate 😉
We are trying to save money wherever possible we only use cold water! Tide Pods dissolve just as good as any other laundry soap we’ve used so there are no worries of your clothes being left with a film on them!
I love the fact that I only need one pod to wash a large load of clothes as most of the time I was having to use 2-3 caps of liquid soaps, and we all know how much laundry you see in the run of a day when you have kids.
  Tide Pods are a new staple in my laundry room from here on out! Not only are they a huge time saver but they are also an affordable price, check your sales and in-store promotions and don’t forget to check P&G’s site for coupons.


Laundry soap’s normally contain chemicals, some known as a surfactants (stain removers/brighteners) that disolve certain types of soils and clean many types of materials, as well as dyes and perfumes which are very hard on our sons psoriasis. We’ve tried many different “All Natural” & “Hypoallergenic” laundry products but didn’t have the convenience of getting them while I was out and about at the mall!
  Tide has made shopping for these products easier by creating  “Free & Gentle” laundry soap, available in major retailers across Canada. This gentle soap is free of harsh chemicals like the ones mentioned above as well as perfumes which is working great for the little one 🙂 I love the way his clothes come out looking bright and clean and that he hasn’t had any breakouts since we’ve started using it, I do however find that the soap seems a bit watery compared to regular laundry soap but I’ve found this before with “Hypoallergenic” soaps, I’ll assume that it’s the lack of additives?
  Tide “Free & Gentle” is most definitely a product I would recommend to new moms, moms-to-be or anyone with skin sensitivities as well as animal shelters, we use Free & Gentle to wash the baby kitties bed clothes as well 🙂
  For more information on Tide “Free & Gentle” and other laundry products please visit their website
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Deep Relief Review

Prior to March 2010, I never even knew what a “Back problem” felt like but after having my son, I have felt it everyday since, no joke!! Which the doctor believes it to be Arthritis. It is some really intense pain at times. I am about to tell you about a product that has honestly eased a lot of my pain in the lower back area. Its called Deep Relief Heat Spray by Mentholatum. Now well all the pain is not completely gone, at least I can get through the day without wanting to cry.


It now comes in a handy spray bottle which is less messy and way more convenient. It goes on very cold but warm’s up quickly to give you fast active, long relief from sore/achy muscles. Deep Relief is believed to increase blood flow and immediately start working to relieve pain. I find it has a mild peppermint smell to it which is enjoyable compared to most of these types of products.


I really love that I can apply it on myself without anyone’s help. Also as another bonus for it being in a spray format is for those times your skin/muscles are just too sensitive/sore to touch, you can just spray it on without any contact 🙂


Deep Relief makes Topical Analgesics products which ingredients are quickly absorbed into your skin. Let me tell ya, this Spray beats an Ice Pack or Frozen peas any-day 🙂

To find out more about this and other products, please check out:

Website for Products

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DR-Prize-Pack_thumbPrize Pack Includes: (arv $75)

  1. Dual Action Neck, Shoulder, & Back Pain Relief
  2. Ice Cold Pain Gel 250g
  3. Sprain & Strain Relief Spray
  4. Deep Relief Heat Spray
  5. Deep Relief Yoga Mat
  6. Deep Relief sinch bag


**Disclosure** The product(s) in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review. All opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.

Candy Meister Review

994784_384259638344534_2079533331_nFruit Candy, Herbal Candy, Special Candy, All Natural Candy, Gluten Free Candy, Dairy Free Candy, Candies for Vegan, Candies for Vegetarian
As a Diabetic candy is like the forbidden fruit and I find it hard to stay away from something I love so much, we’re talking junk food junkie lol. I’m sure you must have heard that voice in your head screaming WHY!!! when you found out you could no longer eat your favorite gluten foods anymore. Candy was and still is my downfall….or is it?
 The Candy Meister food truck is Vancouver’s first and ONLY food truck to serve a delicious array of all natural,  gluten free,  dairy free, corn free and vegan friendly hard candies. Founded by Elisa and Max, a young couple from Berlin who started out as a vendor known as the Traditional German Candy Hut in 2012, while at a Christmas market they made tons of sales and love from their customers, furthering the inspiration that created The Candy Meister 🙂
 Fruit flavored candy is a favorite of mine so “Sweet Raspberry” is one of the candies we went with and really liked the fact that these candies weren’t too sweet or too sour as some fruit candies are. As well as the fact that the ingredients are all natural,  yay! We really are trying to live a more natural lifestyle and this surely does help us stay on track!
  Another fruit flavored candy we went with was the “Sugar Free Lemon Drops” which had the same similarities as the  raspberry, regarding sweet and tangy 🙂 These do however have carbohydrates!! So Diabetics you need to watch your amounts! Other popular flavors include “Little Fruities” , “Woodruff” & “Mulled Wine” which consists of vanilla and cinnamon flavors. As well as “Fizzy ‘dance in your mouth’ Candies”. Yum!
Seeing as Winter is closer than ever, I did the smart thing and chose  “Sugar Free Throat Drops” that are made with herbal extracts the same as they used years ago for medicine such as sage, peppermint oil and licorice which contains proven antibacterial qualities 🙂 Candy Meister also offer a “Fire Throat” candy to help soothe aching,  burning throats, to get you through those nasty colds! They really do have you covered in all areas 🙂
 I love this quote from Max Szelies (Founder), “We love seeing the smiles on our customers faces when they taste our candy. And the best part is that aren’t made with any artificial colors or flavors.  Our candies use all natural ingredients and we’re strongly opposed to using any genetically modified food products”! The word “Genetically Modified” doesn’t sound very appealing to me, so I’m thankful to have companies, better yet individuals who own companies, who care about what people eat because THEY believe in health before profit 🙂
  If you’re looking for an adventurous taste the lovely folks at Candy Meister suggest trying “Bavarian Malt”, “Sage” or “Fennel” to give your taste buds a delectable treat. The Candy Meister is not limited to moving wheels,  people across Canada can order from the e-commerce shop:  ORDER HERE where shipping is FREE on purchases over $59 (Canada only) and Prices are advertised right there beside the product on their website just like shopping in the store 🙂 You can also find the ingredient listings for their many candies there.

 I can’t help but feel overjoyed looking at the delicious displays of candy on Candy Meister’s pinterest page:  and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way!

Here are some ways to find Candy Meister

Disclosure: I received product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review, which may differ from yours. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I used personally, and believe will be good for my readers.

Elite Serum Rx Review

Elite Serum Rx – Airless Syringe


What is Elite Serum you ask? I asked myself the same thing at first. It is a needle-free Anti-aging serum that defends, protects and rejuvenate’s your skin. It comes in an airless syringe that dispenses the proper amount of Product and is way more sanitary this way, especially when not in use. I am much more happy that it comes looking like a needle rather then having to get a real needle in my face to get similar results, best of all is you can do it in the comfort of your own home!


The product is made to reduce the visibility of dark circles, eye wrinkles and other skin issues regarding the eye/forehead area. It’s been mentioned on Dr.Oz, It really is an Anti-Aging breakthough. It smells like a light perfume and other face creams (which is a smell I enjoy). I love that it really doesn’t take much, only a pea-sized amount is more then enough for both eyes. I am only 28 but I can already begin to see “expression lines” I think they call it.


It comes with a card for “new” customers such as myself, with some key points to enhance our experience and avoid any malfunctions with the syringe. Elite Serum Rx is only available directly through their website and is approx $89.95. There is enough product for about 2 months, given you use it twice daily.


You can find out more info about this and other products here =>



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Quik Pod DSLR Review

I was recently introduced to this great company called QUIK POD. They manufacture these polls for all sorts of Camera’s. It’s similar to a tripod but instead of limiting you to just a still shot, The Quik Pod DSLR is used to take extended and almost impossibly shots at various angles, making the possibilities endless. It is also the world’s first handheld telescopic monopod/tripod 🙂 How cool is that? It also has a built-in mirror, so when you are trying to get a selfie or a group shot you know exactly where everyone will be in the picture 🙂

The Quik Pod DSLR is good for instances such as planes flying over head. When you take a picture, normally it would be very hard to steady the camera enough to focus on it but with the help of this great tool specifically made for this purpose, you can get a wonderful shot of the plan with the help of the Quik Pod.

It is also good for long/high-up shots. Let’s say you were at a concert that was crowded with people, you could only use your camera at arm’s length, and what really can you get with that??? Quickly screw your camera into place, set it on “self-timer” and be prepared to take some cool shots. The Quik Pod has 3 different height levels making it super easy to take pictures above the crowd! It extends to over 4 feet long. See how to use it here =>

It also enable me to see in a dark area, under an abandoned shed (because I was too scared to put my hands anywhere near there), the QuikPod helped me out with that. I love it because it’s so light weight (9 oz) to be exact :). Load tested to 28 lbs. Recommended maximum camera/lens weight 5 lbs. It also has a Rubberized grip handle for a comfortable grip!

It is very high quality and we even gave it the “run over” test and guess what? It totally passed with flying colors :} I was very surprised but never doubted it..Of course I was so excited to try that out, that I forgot to video tape it but I promise to get ya’s some footage 😛 It can even handle Water and Snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Detailed info about this product! ==>

  • It’s the World’s #1 Monopod for GOPRO!
  • Fully Waterproof
  • Built-in mirror for self-positioning
  • Quick Release Camera Mount
  • Rubberized grip handle
  • Stainless steel screws


  • GOPRO compatible quick release adapter, 
  • 1/4″ x 20 quick release adapter,
  • tree bumper,
  • pocket clip,
  • rubber monopod adapter,
  • built in self image mirror
  • wrist strap, 
  • hiking clip, 
  • belly pad 
  • carrying bag.

Retracted size – 18 inches (45cm)
Extended size – 53 inches (135cm)
Weight – 9oz (250 grams)
Tripod mount – Universal 1/4-20

Load Capacity:
Handheld Monopod: 4.4 lbs (2 kg)
Ground Supported Monopod: 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg)

Order Now! $69.95

Use this discount code Flight2013 which offers a $10 discount on a purchase of $49.95 and up


Disclosure: I received product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review, which may differ from yours. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I used personally, and believe will be good for my readers.

Melitta Coffee Products

We’re coffee addicts in this house. The coffee pot is ready and set for when we wake up and it doesn’t rest until we go to bed , lol. So we were extremely happy to be given the opportunity to test out a few different blends of coffee by Melitta
  I’m sure I’ve said it before; I love flavored coffee, but the wife is a bit more particular with her likes in coffee 😉 I was super excited that we were sent Estate Whole Bean Hazelnut Creme coffee beans as one of the products to review 🙂 I’ve never ground my own coffee beans before so I was excited to try it out and was amazed at how fine it came out! The delicious aroma of the beans alone are enough to make your mouth water but the best aroma is in the air, I love walking in the house to the smell of hazelnut coffee! I’ve tasted many flavored creamers and nothing comes close to the taste of fresh ground flavored beans 🙂
 Coffee is essential in the morning here, especially with the little one up at 6:30 and raring to go. Melitta’s Costa Rican Tarrazu roasted ground coffee is a wonder with it’s mild roast and distinctive columbian taste. This is actually a coffee that my wife and I agree will be on our grocery list.
 Another great product by Melitta is their Dark Roast ground coffee. This is a great perk up for the morning as well with a nice strong taste to definitely give you the kick we all need now and then.
 Not only does Melitta make delicious coffee they also make all natural Bamboo coffee filters. Have you ever had cheap filters that left you with grinds? These Bamboo filters are thicker making them more durable they work just as great draining the coffee as the thin filters do! Since trees are a renewable source, Melitta makes a yearly donation to the Canadian Forestry Association to renew this resource for future generations.
To find these and other great products from Melitta, please visit their Website
You can also find them on Facebook
Disclosure: I received product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review, which may differ from yours. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I used personally, and believe will be good for my readers.

Udis Gluten Free Foods Review

It’s been less than a year since my Celiac diagnosis and it’s definitely been a change to my system and taste buds, one that I can say I’m still not completely used to! Thankfully there is a company by the name of Udis Gluten Free that produces peanut, soy and gluten-free food products that make living gluten-free a lot easier and best of all tastier without the grainy/crumbly texture 🙂

 gf crisps

   I have always been a fan of spicy foods, Mexican, Thai and Cantonese being a few. Ancient Grain Crisps are a delicious snack that has that exact spicy-ness to them, the delicious combination of Jalapeno peppers, powdered cheeses and ancient grains and seeds will leave your taste buds tingling and your stomach happy! I really really like that they use sea salt too, as we all know it’s a healthy salt 🙂



   If you like cinnamon and sugar as much as I do; you’ll love the soft baked Snicker Doodles. These scrumptious cookies have a delicious hint of cinnamon in the cookie itself and are loaded with a mouth-watering sugar/cinnamon coating on top! These are the perfect on the go snack as well as the perfect partner for my favorite cookie drink, Tea!


Being completely honest, bread with seeds is not a favorite of mine! I really wasn’t sure what I’d think of bagels and muffins that contained ingredients such as papitas, flax and pumpkin seeds, I was shocked at how much I actually liked them! The combination of the cranberries and sweet potatoes in the Harvest Crunch muffins makes it hard not to eat them all in one sitting, (giggles). I personally find there to be a hint of lemon but this could be from the tangyness of the dried cranberries 🙂 The Mighty Bagels have similar seeds as well as cranberries with a hint of cinnamon making both of these products two of my favorite Breakfast items now!


Another favorite Breakfast item of mine is the Cinnamon Raisin Bread. This yummy loaf is made using naturally sweet raisins, gluten-free flours and cinnamon, making breakfast or even a bedtime snack a delicious treat 🙂

Picture 055

I have fallen in  love with ALL the products I have tried by Udis Gluten Free and have never been as confident in my life as I am recommending Udis to my friends/family/readers and even strangers 🙂

For more information on products and where to buy Udis Gluten Free Foods please visit their website at:

Disclosure: I received product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review, which may differ from yours. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I used personally, and believe will be good for my readers.

Second-Hand stuff, Yay or Nay?

I would really appreciate everyone’s opinions and answers on this question! 🙂


Question: Are you someone who is perfectly fine with getting something second-hand or do you prefer everything to be brand new?

Please leave your answer below or tweet it to @FrugalCouponMum

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