Frugal Living – #Frugal #MoneySaving Tips

What do you and your family do to be #frugal and #SaveMoney?


Feel free to list any and all …Love hearing ideas!!!

Maybe together we can all help each other live a Greener Lifestyle with a few bucks in our pockets!!

Don’t forget to share! We love hearing ideas from all over the world!!!


Here is a list of tips and tricks we do to Save Money. 

  1. We use coupons when we can.
  2. Buy your fruits and veggies in bulk or at 50% off and freeze them right away. It’s money well spent!
  3. During the summer Go To Yard Sales.  Saves you tons of money.
  4. Hang your clothes out to dry when possible, this will save you on your electricity bill each month
  5. Grow your own garden. Once the season is over, pickle and freeze your veggies. You wont have to buy veggies all winter 🙂
  6. Compost your food/leftovers you don’t want, this alone will cut down dramatically on your garbage.
  7. Instead of throwing away your bread ends from the loaf, (like I am sure most do hehe) make your own “shake n Bake” with them, feed them to the birds & squirrels
  8. Make your own gifts, I am not saying all of them has to be made, but if your made a lot of your own gifts for christmas/brthdays, this would save you lots.
  9. Keep things a little longer past their expiry date. Smell it of course to make sure it’s not completely bad but most times, a lot of food is good past their expiry.
  10. When shopping for meat, always look for the stuff towards the back, as it is the cheaper priced stuff 🙂 and sometimes 50% off stuff is great, especially if you are using it right away.
  11. During the summer, there are a lot of different fruits that you can pick and sell. We pick strawberries and black currants.
  12. Save our tv dinner trays to make proportioned meals
  13. Save empty toilet paper rolls for crafts and bird feeders.
  14. Recycle old clothes for rags
  15. We Always get our bread off the 50% rack at Superstore. We’ve gotta for as low as $0.50/ loaf
  16. Use rags instead of paper towels
  17. Don’t let the water run when we are brushing our teeth
  18. Take baths rather than showers to save on water
  19. Save our coffee grinds for homemade exfoliates, scrubs, compost.
  20. Re-sprout our green onions ad celery ( rinse bottom regularly )
  21. Make homemade jams with almost-expired fruits.
  22. Prepare meals ahead of time and freeze them.
  23. I don’t smoke cigarettes (can’t say the same for the hubby though lol)
  24. Recycle everything, less garbage
  25. Don’t leave unnecessary lights on around the house.
  26. Get some of our clothes at the thrift stores, play clothes and such ( not school clothes)
  27. I started drinking my coffee black to save on milk!
  28. We don’t do laundry at all on sunday (I am trying to go for 4/7 days NOT doing laundry.. And doing it at non-peak hrs.
  29. Sometimes use handkerchiefs instead of tissues (this is great when you are sick and are CONSTANTLY blowing your nose)
  30. Wash our clothes in cold water only
  31. We have energy saving lights all throughout the house
  32. Reuse plastic containers like butter..,,,,
  33. Make big meals for leftovers
  34. Have apple trees
  35. No credit cards
  36. Save our veggie scraps (peelings n such) for broths
  37. Save chicken turkey scraps for broths
  38. Re-use plastic bottles for water, etc….
  39. Buy our Garlic in bulk then conserve it in olive oil
  40. We follow a budjet every month
  41. We find activities to do for free or very cheap
  42. We find Free things to take the kids to
  43. We visit farmers markets in the summer
  44. Save our loose change
  45. Cut down on our coffee spending habits, at $2 a cup, it’s cheaper to buy ourselfs a big can and it will lasts up longer then 2 cups of coffee
  46. Don’t shop when your hungry as you’ll buy more foods that you don’t need/junk. This is proven over and over again lol
  47. Ask your physician to consider switching you over to generic brands, most are just as effective for half the cost.
  48. We don’t have overdrafts on our bank accounts.
  49. Shop around to find the cheapest gas stations and don’t forget things like Sobeys gas miles that will save you cents off (may use multiple coupons)
  50. If something is in walking distance then consider walking, even if it’s on the way there, that’s money you are saving yourself.
  51. Ask your local electric company for a free home energy audet. It will be worth it for them to tell you where you could be saving some money
  52. Put plastic on the windows in the winter
  53. In the summer, try keeping your home dark, it keeps the sun out and could save you on an air conditioner
  54. Search around for the best cellphone service
  55. When it comes to birthdays, we set a limit on how much we spend on each kid (my son’s cousins)
  56. Instead of gathering at a Restaurant for dinner have a pot luck or BBQ
  57. Get rainchecks for items that are out-of-stock
  58. I cut my own hair, as well as my son’s. The hubby shaves his own head also so we save money on hair cuts
  59. We always keep our extras such as salt, pepper, sugars, etc
  60. We bottle our own water (we have a Well, but a Brita would work fine also!)
  61. Shop around when you are going to make a big purchase, you may be able to find a better deal somewhere else.
  62. We eat for free on our birthday at certain restaurants
  63. We don’t play the lottery
  64. Use online banking, saves you time and money
  65. Check with your insurance company for cheaper options
  66. Bring/Send lunches to school, maybe once a month let them buy it as a treat
  67. Make your own cleaners for cheaper and healthier
  68. Buy everything second hand
  69. Go to the Library to read/rent books, it’s free 🙂
  70. Bring snacks when you go out shopping so you don’t get hungry while doing groceries
  71. Check how many hours you spend on long distance and determine if a calling card might be a cheaper option for you
  72. Instead of buying expensive rasors & blades we use the black ones from the dollar-store and they work great. You get 4 of them for $1 or $1.25
  73. Some No-Name things are just as good as brand name if not better
  74. We get our butter at walmart for $2.78 (unless it’s gone up again lol) cheapest around for the kind we eat! (walmart brand lol)
  75. DIY whatever you can
  76. I color my own hair and do my own nails.. Saves SO much money
  77. Don’t turn up the heat in the winter, just bundle up
  78. We price match (saves us gas money from running all over the place)
  79. Switch from Cable to Netflix
  80. We use SCOP when we notice it
  81. We re-use our grocery bags for SO many different purposes
  82. Take our own pictures and get them developed for cards & scrapbooks (so much cheaper then getting your picture taken), some places online (Jean-Coutu, Walmart etc…) give you great deals when you place you orders online so look around!!!
  83. We never buy Extended warranties on electronics
  84. We use our air miles at gas stations that accept it to collect points = free stuff
What are some things YOU do to Save money?

7 responses to “Frugal Living – #Frugal #MoneySaving Tips

  1. Hang the clothes to dry,
    walk to the store

  2. I coupon just about everything now. And when it comes to new cloths I love going to value village. I can get some really great deals there at half the cost of a high end store. You would be surprised at what great quality clothing people will donate.

  3. We use leftover food, bring snacks with us, set spending limits, pay bills first, shorter showers, cloth diaper, buy secondhand, line dry, use coupons when possible.

  4. I save money by trying to grow most of our veggies in the summer, Hanging clothes to dry year round, layering clothes instead of turning up the heat, shopping second hand, I like to coupon as well. And when my parents try to give me leftovers, I take them! =)

  5. I love using the no poo method for shampooing and conditioning! Super cheap and after a while i actually prefer it to traditional shampoo and conditioner. I also make my own laundry detergent and house cleaning products and have started attempting to do some vegie growing indoors!

    • Id love to grow some herbs indoors!!! Might be a prob with 3 cats though :S lol… This summer we grew green onions and a celery stock from the stems just in some water, worked good but I dunno how it would work in the winter

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