AllerMates Review

(Hubby’s Review @JimminyMagee)

NB (This product is intended for Children but my hubby is the one with the Celiac so we used him for the Review)

I ABSOLUTELY love AllerMates, this product was designed by the Mother of a child with multiple allergies who was skeptical about the safety of her child when out with someone who wasn’t fully aware of their allergies such as daycare or school! She realized that a small child doesn’t really understand the concept of an allergy and decided that making a product that was both informative for caregivers as well as fun for the kids would be perfect and AllerMates is exactly that and as an added bonus; they’re backed by PTPA Media Inc!


The bright vibrant colors really catch the eye and actually tend to be a conversation piece as people become curious about what’s on it, seriously it was the first thing my niece noticed πŸ™‚ On top of bright happy colors their products have the cutest little characters on them which correspond with the allergy ranging from shellfish to gluten to diseases such as Diabetes, this being the fun for the kids. There are many different products available from lunch boxes & snack bags to accessories such as bracelets & dog tags! The best part about these is the durability of them. They have a nice strong rubber material which is great as young kids can be rough with jewelry, I can honestly say I’m no better as I’m EXTREMELY hard on jewelry too! I really like the fact too that the dogs tags are light as some can be heavy.


The cute little snack bags are nice and bright as well with obvious declaration of the contents (Wheat Gluten Free) making it easier for people to find foods that need to be separate from others. They are made of a nice durable material with a plastic inside so you can easily clean up an accidental leak or spill πŸ™‚


As stated above, I absolutely love these products and think it is the greatest invention ever made for kids with allergies, I will definitely be recommending this company to friends and strangers for that matter! If you have a child or know someone with a child that has an allergy these are the best products for back to school as well as for gifts.


Speaking of gifts πŸ™‚ The lovely folks at Allermates have supplied me with a gift pack for 1 lucky reader πŸ™‚ Prize pack includes: 1 Gluten Free snack bag, 1 GlutenFree dog tag & chain set, 1 pk of “Proud To Be Wheat & Gluten Free” stickers and 1 Gluten/Wheat Free bracelet!..Don’t forget to thank our sponsor and Good Luck πŸ™‚

To learn more about or to place an order please visit their:

Disclosure: I received product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review, which may differ from yours. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I used personally, and believe will be good for my readers.


8 responses to “AllerMates Review

  1. my stepson,,

  2. my daughter has a gluten allergy

  3. No i dont have a Gluten allery

  4. I know of someone with a gluten allergy.

  5. I have Celiac Disease.

  6. I am sensitive to gluten, my niece is allergic. She’s also autistic. You’d never know unless she has gluten.. It seems to greatly lessen when she’s gluten free

  7. i have been eating gluten free products for the past year and a half and it’s not fun but it’s neccessary

  8. One of the boys that my grandson plays hockey with

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