The Lunch Punch – Match and Munch Review

I was recently given the chance to review this wonderful product called The Lunch Punch. I love anything that make lunches/snacks easy and fun, so it is no wonder that I love their products. With such a variety to choose from, these little kitchen helpers are sure to please any child’s taste. We reviewed the Match & Munch puzzle piece set. Riley absolutely adored these. I even have a bunch of fun making them for him!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The Lunch Punch is a Sandwich cutter with many different uses. You can use it for cutting toasts, cookies, cheese, play dough and so much more. Just let your imagination run free. It’s also best to go with a “harder” type of sandwich like Sliced Ham as oppose to Cheez Whiz, because it seems to squish the softer ones a little.

Picture 171

It’s made with durable plastic and is fairly easy to clean. Sometimes food gets stuck in the cracks but usually comes out after you soak it. I personally think the Lunch Punch is a great idea and a safe way for children to get involved in making their lunches and an even better way to encourage them to actually eat their meals. Parent Supervision is still required. Click for some ideas and Instructions for a Giant Party Puzzle


The Lunch Punch comes in many different shapes. Each pack includes 4 different shapes, all within the same theme. You can find this and other cute shapes online on their Website…. I recommend this product to those who love to make lunches or snacks fun! It doesn’t require any extra time and can be done in seconds. Why not give it a try. I bet you won’t be disappointed 😀 Best part is that its BPA-Free and Dishwasher safe!

To find out more about this company, please visit one of their links below.


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31 responses to “The Lunch Punch – Match and Munch Review

  1. I find anything new , my kids love like you cut the sandwich in small pieces one day and then cut the crust off another day , kids like new things

  2. I love to give new things to try to my children specially in there lunch bag.

  3. Incorporate lots of fun shapes and colours to make lunchtime more exciting.

  4. I have to make every meal fun for my little non eater. I always cut fruit and sandwiches into fun shapes , sometime put food on fun little plates , and always sit and talk to him while he eats.

  5. I do more snacky stuff. A little of this a little of that and let him help make it.

  6. Love it great way to make a boring looking sanwhich into something fun for kids

  7. I give my daughter a lot of different little things in different containers in her lunch. She likes the surprise of seeing whats in each container.

  8. How do I incorporate fun? Sometimes we have colour-themed lunches, sometimes we cut things into shapes, often we make it together. Once or twice lunch was served in mini muffin tins or egg cartons.

  9. this would be fun to make for mu grandkids

  10. this would be fun to make for mu grandkids

  11. I usually let them put in their items and then put in a little surprise

  12. I love preparing my children there lunches. Its were realtey get to choose what they would like to eat and i cut it up in all different shapes for fun

  13. i try to give variety. Today i used a cookie cutter to make them a sandwich. it was a hit but i think i wasted a lot of bread

  14. We make our own pizzas or I make a face on his sandwich.

  15. quebeccouponingchickies

    i let them put in most of their lunch.. i alway put a little note in for them . makes it special no matter how old they are!

  16. Sometimes I wonder what they are living on.It can’t be much more than air because the food stays on the plate.I think the luch punch could change all that.Thanks for the geniusness in the smiple answer to it all.My little ones will love it.

  17. looks like fun for my son!!

  18. stickers and notes

  19. Im in university and take a lunch daily… This would be an awesome way to start my mornings, making a puzzle sandwich for lunch!!! TO COOL

  20. I try to give my daughter lots of colour. She tends to want to eat the brightest coloured food first. That, and variety.

  21. We have a lunch punch set that my daughter loves!! It’s a princess, frog, flower etc

  22. lots colours, bowls with fav characters at bottom & dips like hummus & stuff

  23. I don’t really do anything. I grew up not having much in my life, so I would never think that not having stuff like cut and shaped sandwiches would be something my own child would want or be facinated with.

  24. We incorporate crafts we have made into snack holders – a clothes peg painted with eyes and antenna, clip onto a small zip lock bag and fill with grapes etc and you have a beautiful butterfly 🙂

  25. I usually use cookie cutters and make shapes out of the sandwiches and other snacks.

  26. I play music well we eat sometimes for some fun

  27. I like to surprise my kid with something at the bottom of their lunch. They have to finish their food to find the surprise.

  28. I have to make it fun or my little guy dosen’t eat.. I have to cut shapes although mine is with a knife. Have to always have snacks and he gets to carry around his treat bag. He almost only eats from his decorated treat bags (it seems to be a phase) but I make sure there are goodies in the bag as well as healthy stuff .

  29. My son is almost 3 so everything is a racing car or a helicopter…along that line.

  30. whaattt!!! Ive never heard of these! They are amazing! Will have to get some!

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