Survey Sites that Actually Pays you.


Hey, did you ever try doing surveys online? I’ve tried some and a few I got some cash for, but not often, or much lol.. I found one though, you get paid at least $1+ per survey, and I get them quite often too.

It’s totally free to sign up, no catch, and you can either get cheques or transfer your points to Air Miles.




Its super cool, As for the qualifying part, it’s so frustrating when you start a survey and part way through your kicked off because you don’t qualify any longer and most times get nothing for your effort….1 survey of all of them I’ve done so far, part way I didn’t qualify any longer and they PAID me some for the questions I did answer..

I love it and recommend it to everyone If u wanna check it out, here’s the link :

Lemme know what you think or if you have any questions!!!



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One response to “Survey Sites that Actually Pays you.

  1. I love doing short surveys and getting paid 🙂

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