Best Places to get your groceries at the best prices~!

I have been thinking about putting this together for a little while now. I would love to know what you all think.

Since being out on my own, roughly 10 years now (eeesh lol), I have noticed that when I am grocery shopping, some stores sell brand name AND no name brands cheaper then other places, and are just as good. Now I know not everyone is like this (because I have some in my family too :P), but I will run to different stores to get the deals, as others are One-Stop-Shop kinda people 🙂 . I live in “the sticks” as some call it and have to drive about 15  mins to get into town but the good thing is that all the stores are pretty close together.

So I thought I could make a place where everyone would be able to make a list of stuff they buy at the cheapest price and the store’s name. It’s to help each other out, to cut our grocery expenses and best of all, make new friends:)

Here is an example:
* I get my Butter from Walmart (the great-value brand) for $2.78… My family and I like the taste and don’t always have to wait for a brand-name one to come on sale…..
* Another one is we usually try to get our BREAD in the 50% off section at the Atlantic Superstore because sometimes we get it as cheap as $0.50/loaf (depending on sale and coupons) and of course we have Never had a problem with anything being bad or moldy. Its good bread, we just come home and keep it in the freezer until we need to buy it..

I will eventually get my list uploaded and share it with all of you but in the meantime, I would love if you could share your ideas and lists/prices 😀
-Thanks so much ***~~Frugal Canadian Coupon Mom

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Thanks so much for stopping by! Come Again!


4 responses to “Best Places to get your groceries at the best prices~!

  1. Stefanie McMullen

    I think this is a great idea. I often shop through all of the flyers for the best deals on groceries. You almost have to these days. Groceries can be so expensive.

  2. I just got a ton of cold cuts from superstore- prepacked ones with “50% off stickers”. Ask the me
    at manager when they usually do markdowns and plan your shopping around it then freeze them 🙂

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