Scotch-Brite Products – Reviews

These were great. Being someone who loves being frugal, organic and all natural, I was very excited about this product. Go Green 🙂 They are durable and made scrubbing my pots and pans a lot easier to clean, which in turn makes my life easier 😛 We all know how much of a pain washing dishes can be, and No I don’t own a dishwasher hehe. Oh and just like it says, always make sure to test it out on a little area first!!! Just to make sure it won’t scratch it, as it will scratch some surfaces!! You can cut to size if you think the pad is too big. Even the packaging is made from 100% recycled content!!  

I use these on my dishes 🙂

So I use this on my stove….

This has become my new favorite tool in the kitchen. It’s so easy to use and great for the following:

  • Tough clean-ups made easier and keeps hands out of the mess.
  • Keep your hands out of the mess!
  • Heavy duty scrubbing surface
  • Refill heads available in Heavy Duty Scrubber, Non-Scratch Scrubber, and Cellulose Sponge
  • The plastic wand is easy to hold, and simply to fill with soap or cleaner.

I have since bought 2 for the Bathroom. Let me tell you that it makes those tough jobs in the washroom ALOT easier to manage. It gets everything clean in there, without having to touch anything!!. I use as my Toilet Bowl Scrubber and the other one is for the rest of the bathroom 🙂 Other ways I have thought to use the Scotch Brite Dishwand was to wash corners that your mop misses on the floor.. They really are a multipurpose product. You can get one for under $3 and they last quite awhile, I guess it all depends on what you use it for. I have found them at Walmart, Superstore, Sobeys, to name a few places.

These are also some nifty little gadgets. Everything is so useful and they just simply make tiny jobs around the house much easier and less time-consuming.

This is the “Pot & Pan Dish Brush”. The easy-to-hold handle, makes any greasy job a simple task when you have this tool. It’s rubber so your hands don’t slip. Best of all, it keeps your hands out of the water.. Try it, I bet you will like it too 🙂

Next is the “Soap Dispensing Brush”,  I honestly like using this one to clean the sink! 🙂 I can scrub it good and get it nice and shiny with this brush. The top of it fits the palm of my hand, giving me a good grip! I can’t get over how much I love all these products! You really can find a use for all of them!

I have decided to use this one as my Handy Little Helper for the shower!. I put vinegar and baking soda in my shower, let it set for a bit then scrub it all away with this great tool. It’s so small and light weight, that you can store it easily – anywhere. I am telling you, ya gotta try these products, you won’t be disappointed 😉

You can find out more info about these awesome products from 3M’s Scotch Brite:





**Disclosure** The product(s) in this review were provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review. All opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation!



11 responses to “Scotch-Brite Products – Reviews

  1. Great Review 🙂 Look like you had a fun time doing it 😉

  2. Love the review , thanks for the info !

  3. Sounds good!

  4. ooo I remember having so much fun with the Soap Dispensing Brush. Nice reviews

  5. Sounds like I will have to try !

  6. I agree with you 100%. I love Scotch-Brite products, especially the .dish, pot and pan brush! Somedays I know that I wouldn’t be able to get off some of the baked on crud without it.

  7. thanks for the detailed info:)

  8. wish i still had that coupon would have used it thx to the review you made 🙂

  9. Great thorough review!

  10. Always loved the Scotch Brite brand 🙂

  11. Thanx for the review. I use quite a few Scotch Brand products and love them!

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