Kinnikinnick’s gluten free bagels

I am and have always been a little scared you could say, to try a product that is known as “healthy”, as I know that certain things have to be removed and added to specialty foods! During my transition to Gluten Free foods, I have taken it upon myself to advise people of the foods that I have tried and liked that are GF, as well have the same taste as foods containing gluten, as I am very fussy when it comes to taste and textures of food and don’t find that there are many accurate search options for gluten free reviews out there! This being said,  I am very happy to share my thoughts with you on Kinnikinnick’s gluten free bagels 🙂

Now we live in a small area and unfortunately don’t have a very big selection when it comes to foods that I am actually allowed to eat, so I was beyond happy to come across these delicious looking bagels made by Kinnikinnick foods, which look and smell exactly the same as a regular bagel!

The smell that permeated the house while toasting my Blueberry bagel was as if I had walked into a bakery and that was just from it being in the toaster!!! I love that they have the exact same texture as a bagel too, no crumbly/grainy taste as some Gluten Free food have! I also like the fact that they are only 36-40 Carbs, which makes a perfect Breakfast item for me as it has enough starch in it to keep my sugar from going low (from being a Diabetic) as well as being filling! There were many blueberries through out the bagel as well as that purplish hue that blueberries give, making it seem like eating a donut almost, Lol!

Now if you’re like me, you Love raisin bread! So the other delicious bagel I was fortunate enough to find was the Cinnamon/Raisin flavor. These are absolutely scrumptious. They have nice plump raisins throughout the bagel as well as a subtle hint of cinnamon, perfect for me as some breads tend to over do it! Just like the blueberry flavor, the cinnamon/raisin ones have that same chewy-ness without the grainy texture to them.

As someone just starting out and getting used to the taste of Gluten Free foods, this is definitely a product that I recommend buying. I won’t lie, they are a little expensive, just as every other GF food I’ve seen, but this is one product that is well worth the money and I for one will continue to buy bagels from Kinnikinnick foods, knowing that I’m getting the quality I’m looking for in a NEW food 🙂

For more information and products by Kinnikinnick foods please visit:

Disclosure: I received product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review, which may differ from yours. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I used personally, and believe will be good for my readers.

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3 responses to “Kinnikinnick’s gluten free bagels

  1. Barbie Squires

    Great review, I think I will give these a try.

  2. Thanks for the review! Finding good gluten free products is sometimes challenging and bagels are something that isn’t always done right. I’ll have to try these!

  3. Thanks, just starting with the gluten free and would like to be able to eat bagels

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