Ultimate Camp Pack from Lovable Labels

Lovable Labels has teamed up with the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation and is generously offered to give 20% of proceeds from This Link will be given back to the foundation in support of their annual Camp Day Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

I know how easily my child loses or misplaces his things, such as clothing, Tupperware dishes, toys, crayons and much more.Children go to Camp, School, Sleepovers, Parks, Daycare etc and each one of those is a chance for something to get lost.. With my little one starting pre-school next year, I have had a lot on my mind and the thought of labeling my son’s belongings never occurred to me, until someone mentioned that their daughter was constantly loosing her stuff or misplacing it. So you can imagine how extremely grateful I am for the opportunity to do a review on the Ultimate Camp Pack from Lovable Labels!!

Lovable Labels was launched in 2003 by a Mother, who herself needed to find a way to label all of her son’s belongings. She then saw the need in the market for personalized labels that were tough, durable and could stand the use that children would put them through over time, which gives me the piece of mind that a parent needs! They save parents money by not having to go out and replace their belongings because they get lost. Children get to choose from a wide variety of colors, designs and sizes so it’s sure to please everyone 🙂

There are so many different things you can stick a label on:

  •  All their Camp stuff
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Toys
  • Pencils & Crayons
  • Electronics (to avoid sibling rivalry hehe)
  • Bags
  • School Supplies
  • And much much more
On Lovable Labels you can find anything you are looking for really. Just let your mind wander and the possibilities are endless..Personalized durable labels & tags are Lovable Labels specialty. They make the best quality of durable, affordable and uniquely beautiful labels out there. They are all waterproof, dishwasher, microwave, washer & dryer, sun, bleach, sunscreen and temperature safe!!!
The little booklet that it comes in, is the most convenient thing ever! Being someone who already has everything labeled in categories, in anything I do generally, this is something that I find highly convenient knowing exactly which labels are for what! 🙂 To be completely honest, I was a little scared that I wouldn’t know which labels were for what, The Ultimate Camp Pack has quite a few and they really are all so adorable, by organizing it the way they do, you can rest assured that they make it 100% simple to find just what you are looking for.
You can find them exclusively Online, making it easy for anyone to order from anywhere in the world. They are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! You can also call them at 1-866-327-LOVE (5683) Twitter #THCF and #CampDay
Lovable Labels has teamed up with the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation and is generously offered to give 20% of proceeds from This Link will be given back to the foundation in support of their annual Camp Day Wednesday, June 5th, 2013. In other words, you will be helping the less fortunate children get the chance to experience something that might be a once in a lifetime chance for them. In return you will receive beautiful, durable labels of your choice… Please help this wonderful cause!!!! And feel free to pass it on!!! *If you forget the link, please put “Tim Horton Children’s Foundation” in the Agent/Fundraiser box when placing an order.

About the Time Horton Children’s Foundation

The THCF was established in 1974 in memory of the great hockey player Tim Horton. The foundation was started in Tim’s honour, as a way to make a difference in the lives of children. Their mission is dedicated to fostering within our kids, the quest for a brighter future. They provide enriched and memorable camp experience for kids in disadvantaged homes. When they return home from Camp, they take with them a more positive attitude about their future and the confidence to achieve the goals they learned to set for themselves 🙂


Disclosure: I received product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review, which may differ from yours. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I used personally, and believe will be good for my readers.

19 responses to “Ultimate Camp Pack from Lovable Labels

  1. I would use it for my son who is attending camp this year. TY!

  2. For my son who is going to camp this year!!

  3. For my entire family! We're headed off this summer to a big campout with about 10 other familes!

  4. For our family as we camp with a couple other families, this would be great!

  5. for my daughters schooling stuff this september!!!

  6. I would use for water bottle for sure and for knapsacks!

  7. give to my niece for daycare. Chandra Christine O'Connor

  8. I would use them for my girls' camp gear!

  9. I would use them for my sons toys & school gear

  10. For my daughter's stuff while at school and camp.

  11. Would love them for my son for school for September.

  12. Wish I had a little one these are too cute!

  13. these are awesome!

  14. These look great! Son is going to camp this year. I think I will look into ordering these now! Thanks!!

  15. TRhanks! This is the pack I ended up getting for my daughter. This September she will be going to a uniform school, so this was the best pack as it had a lot of clothing labels in it!

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