Cream of Wheat’s New Cinnamon Swirl

I was recently given the opportunity to review Cream of Wheat’s New Cinnamon Swirl and would like to Thank them very much for the wonderful opportunity! 🙂




I have never really been a Breakfast person, and when I do eat it, I tend to go for foods that are quick and easy, as I’m not a “jump up and run” type of person when it comes to Mornings 😉 So it was no surprise that I found the convenience factor a huge part of my love for this product! And it is a great price too!

I absolutely love the fact that I’m instantly reminded of a fresh batch of baked cinnamon rolls, which makes Breakfast even more appealing now!. The fact that my 3 year old swallows it back like no tomorrow, tells me that it would be a great alternative to cereal for kids, they’ll never know it’s good for them! And just another added bonus is if you forget to rinse your bowl right away, unlike oatmeal, Cream Of Wheat comes off so easily, even the next day!!!. Being the “Dishwasher” of the family, this is the first thing that I noticed.This is definitely a delicious breakfast (or anytime) product that I will continue to serve my Family and recommend it to anyone who like’s hot cereals.

The one thing I love about this product is that you can add endless ingredients to it, to personalize it to your own taste. I’ve tried it both with water & milk, and they were both delicious! You can add fruits, yogurt, anything you like.

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50 responses to “Cream of Wheat’s New Cinnamon Swirl

  1. Its great when you add fruit in it, i love that!!!

  2. I love the Maple Brown Sugar with Blueberries on top! Yummm

  3. Ohhh I never tried that, sounds delish!!

  4. Love cinnamon smell, just makes it better

  5. I love the regular with fres fruit added in or the maple brown sugar with bananas added in to it..thanks Cream of Wheat 🙂

  6. I like the Maple Brown Sugar with raspberries and cinnamon added — love Cream of Wheat.

  7. I have Oatmeal with berries and maple syrup at at least 4 times a week Love it! and love the bowl

  8. maple and brown sugar 🙂

  9. I love getting warm with a bowl in the morning

  10. I love the Maple Brown Sugar

  11. Maple and brown sugar is my favourite, however, original cream of wheat is also my favourite.cenya2 at Hotmail dot com

  12. I love the original. I have not tried any of the flavored ones yet

  13. Maple Brown Sugar

  14. Maple Brown sugar is delish!

  15. thanks for the giveaway

  16. looks great and love the bowl 🙂

  17. I prefer the Original variety. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  18. Maple & Brown Sugar and as well Cinnamon Swirl

  19. I love the cinnamon swirl, sweet but mix it with some plain, super yummy 🙂

  20. I like the original (plain), so that I can add my own toppings.

  21. the cinnamon swirl

  22. love it,i add more cinnamon to swirl tho,, babe likes to as long as its covered in fruit,,,

  23. I just like the original flavour

  24. original for me but I add yogart

  25. I love all of the flavours – my baby loves cream of wheat too – my favourite flavour is Maple & Brown Sugar.

  26. I love the new cinnamon swirl..yum!(Karla Sceviour)

  27. I love Cinnamon swirl, delicious! Also love maple and brown sugar!Tammy Dalley

  28. Woot thanks for the giveaway ❤

  29. the maple brown sugar is so yummy

  30. Maple and Brown Sugar!

  31. I like the regular 🙂

  32. Maple and brown sugar. YUM!

  33. maple brown sugar

  34. Maple and Brown Sugar always a favorite!

  35. Maple and brown sugar is what I grew up on. If we ran out mom would make the regular and throw some maple syrup and brown sugar on.. almost as good but not quite :).

  36. I like cinnamon swirl, with fresh apple dices and some drop of maple syrop.

  37. Thanks for the chance

  38. just honestly love the plain,( ok well all kinds ) but with the lain ,I can add fresh fruits, or other toppings.. Especially loading on the brown sugar.. so good. Grew upon this with my Grandpa always making it , so I bets that why, there is a soft spot for me with Cream of Wheat.. It was that and Red River :)(Carey Hurst)

  39. I like the Maple Brown Sugar!

  40. I love Maple Brown Sugar – yum!

  41. GreatJob!! I wanna try it

  42. I like the cookie n cream

  43. I would love to try the Cinnamon. Usually, I go with Original.

  44. Love Cream of Wheat!

  45. But crazy I love the bowl

  46. i was curious if it tasted good now I know thanks for the post

  47. I finally got to try the new cinnamon swirl Cream Wheat and I loved it.If you love cinnamon like I do then you will love it too.At first I had trouble finding it but now it’s in a lot of grocery stores.

  48. I used to eat Cream of Wheat when i was a kid but I stopped for some reason as I got older. This sounds delicious and I might have to start buying it again!! ~ Thanx for the review 🙂

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