Woolzies Dryer Balls

I was recently given the opportunity to review these great Woolzies XL Dryer Balls: “The Natural Fabric Softener”. This handmade product is from 100% pure New Zealand Wool! My favorite thing about these, is the fact that they are Hypoallergenic & even safe for people with wool sensitivities or other skin condition. Which is great as my Son suffers from psoriasis and eczema. He recently broke out so bad, that we had to complete cut out fabric softener from his clothes.


The laundry soap we use is not harsh on his skin, but now since we removed the fabric softener, we have static in his clothes. We really do try to use “natural or organic” whenever we can and with Woolzies being completely chemical free (how awesome is that?), it now makes it easier then ever to choose a product that can meet our needs. Where else are you going to find a product like this??






Another great thing I love, is the fact that it really does cut my drying time by 25% or (30-40 minutes in my case). Normally I put a large load on for 70+ minutes (often having to start the dryer again for 20 some mins), with my first load using the dryer balls, I only had to run the dryer for an hour, saving me money on my hydro bill over time. As someone who tries to save my family as much money as I can, this is a great start. This product is guaranteed to do the following:


  • Softens Naturally
  • Reduces Static
  • Helps Eliminate Wrinkles
  • Reduces Drying Time by 25%
  • Saves Energy
  • Noise Free
  • Chemical Free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 100% Safe for people with Wool Sensitivities
And I can honestly say that I have experienced all of the following from this product. Just think no more plastic containers to recycle! 🙂

I love using fabric softeners (liquid and sheets) but it worried me so much because they are flammable, so now I’m more at ease knowing these dryer balls will keep my clothes and house safe from burning up!



They are so quiet, you can’t even hear them and sometimes forget that you have them in there…lol Also did you know that you can add your own scents to them if you prefer?. I am telling ya, this is such a great product…I am in love…



Overall I am super happy with this product. I will recommend it to everyone I know. And will definitely continue using them. But I won’t have to buy any for a long time 🙂



Want to purchase your very own Woolzies Dryer Balls? Click Here to learn more..


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**Disclosure** The product(s) in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review. All opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation




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30 responses to “Woolzies Dryer Balls

  1. We try to always recycle!

  2. recyle and re-use as much as possible! :)- Amanda Faith

  3. Packing litter free school lunches for the kids.

  4. We recycle paper and tin also plastic

  5. Recycle everything that can be and compost everything that can!

  6. We recycle as much as we can, we have the bins set-up in our Kitchen.

  7. I walk to do my shopping whenever I can. I walked to the craft store the other day so I could get wool yarn to make my own dryer balls. I made 4 of them but could use more. We recycle whenever we can.

  8. We cloth diaper, recycle, and compost.

  9. We recycle everything, and for a family of five, we have only a half a bag of garbage every two weeks.

  10. Like most listed above, we recycle as much as possible. We also fill up our own drinking bottles rather than buying bottled water. Our well water tastes wonderful!

  11. We have a well here also 🙂 I love it… Its all i've ever known hehe

  12. I use cold water for laundry and recycle everything i can recycle

  13. we recylce and I hang the clothes on the line to dry whenever possible!(Karla Sceviour on raffecopter)

  14. we recycle and do laundry after 7 pm use only cold water

  15. recycle and have all the lights turned off and do laundry non peak hours

  16. Yes i will be trying woolzies

  17. I think I will be buying them for sure!!!

  18. we recycle everything, we time out showers to save water, we have a brita

  19. using cloth diapers

  20. we recycle reuse and reduce,,,

  21. We only do our laundry, and run the dishwasher at night, we recycle, and we use reusable water bottles.

  22. we recycle everything and use reusable grocery bags!

  23. recycle me

  24. Would love to try these out ….I like the idea of these , thanks for the review

  25. I try and reduce, re-use and recycle everything I can and I keep hearing what a great product these are…gotta try them!

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