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2019-09-19 07:36

Sure hope they do not charge me a renewal for Sirius. Sounds like a rip off to me. Cheaper putting a CD in to, listen to. Can they automatically renew me without my permission. I never asked for the service in the first place it came with the car.Today I'll show you How To Get The Best Deal on Sirius XM Radio Subscription! You'll learn all the Sirius XM Retention Offers, Discount Codes, Renewal, & Savings Tips! I love Sirius XM. It's very convenient for my daily hour commute as I generally use the service to catch up on the news talk shows during my morning commute, listen to a renew sirius deals

There are better deals out there. Do your homework before assuming a military discount is a deal For example, they say you get 25 off. The cheapest package is 15. 99mo and with the 25 off you get it for 11. 99mo. Some of the deals they offer are 6 months for 29. 99 or 12 months for 99.

Long story short, you want the best Sirius XM deals, cancel your subscription when it is up for renewal, wait a few minutes after canceling, log in to your account online and presto the best Sirius XM deals are ready and waiting for you. 1. Use a Sirius XM Gift Card to payNEVER a debit or credit card 2. Insist on the cheap packages. The two common ones are 6 months for 25 for Select, and 119 a year for Premium. There is a royalty and tax fee on top of these rates. 3. Four to Six weeks before, call to renew (above steps). Remember you may have to threaten to cancel.renew sirius deals LPT: When it is time to renew your SiriusXM, always speak to a retention agent Home& Garden (self. LifeProTips) submitted 4 years ago by aggierandy The retention agent cut 40 off the price I would have renewed at otherwise and they took my card number off my account so it wouldn't auto charge the following year at full price.

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Mar 11, 2018  Worked as usual I called 3 days before my service was to renew and said I could not afford the renewal rate. Service rep said congratulations, I qualified for another 6months for 30 for Sirius Select service. I tried to get 12months for 60 but was told this offer wasn't available to me. I didn't push any further and just went with renew sirius deals Apr 21, 2015 I perpetually renew Sirius for like 96year. Sometimes I've let it expire first; the last time I bluntly told the rep that I find it handy for long trips but the sound quality is soso and I really don't care that much, and it's no way worth 13 a month or whatever full price is. Service will automatically renew monthly thereafter (if on credit card) or every 6 months thereafter (if on invoice), and you will be charged according to your chosen payment method at thencurrent rates. To cancel you must call us at. See our Customer Agreement for complete terms at www. siriusxm. com. All

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