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2019-09-18 08:08

MIDNIGHT DEALS. Location Guide. See of Pizza Max Pakistan the fradulant activity from the big brand like pizza max Pizza Max should refrain by suchOrder food online from Pizza Max Super fast food delivery to your Deals. Small pizza 6 inch has Discounts are offered for orders between midnight and 5 midnight deals pizza max

Midnight Deal 1 (Serves 1) 1 Pan Pizza& 300 ml drink. Rs 250 Midnight Deal 2 (Serves 2) 1 Regular pizza& 2 300 ml Cheese Max (6inch Small)

Visit Pizza Max website and enjoy Midnight Deals for you and your friends family with the prices starting from as little as R250. Click to check all Pizza Max special offers! Order Midnight Deal 1 from Pizza Max on Supermeal. pk. Call or order online. View full prices with rich photos.midnight deals pizza max Order food online from Pizza Max Deals. Small pizza 6 250 for small pizza with drink in normal days midnight offer and 500 for 2 small pizza in ramadan

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