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2019-09-19 03:40

The Taylor Swift net worth sum of 310 million comes from a detailed study of the star's music sales, Endorsement Deals and Taylor Swift Net Worth.Jan 28, 2013 AdAge reports that Taylor Swift has inked an endorsement deal with her favorite soda, Diet Coke, making her a brand ambassador for the caloriefree soda, just as Beyonce is for Pepsi. How's that for a love story? It's not yet clear precisely what Swift will do for the brand, or how much she's being taylor swift endorsement deals

Taylor Swift shocked fans and industry insiders this morning when she Endorsements. Over the years Taylor has signed a number of highprofile endorsement deals.

Even traditional endorsements have evolved. In January, Beyonce and Taylor Swift both became brand ambassadors for Pepsi and Diet Coke, respectively. Beyonces deal not only puts Pepsi logos on tour stages and Beyonces face on cans, it essentially gives Pepsi an investor role in her future projects, with the soda company providing Taylor Swift and Diet Coke announced an edorsement deal. The singer will represent the brand in commercials and a brand's Stay Extraordinary campaign.taylor swift endorsement deals Jan 25, 2013 Pepsi has Beyonce and Sofia Vergara, and now Coke had Taylor Swift. The songstress has been signed to represent Diet Coke in a brand ambassadortype role.

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Taylor Swift Celebrity endorsement ads, fashion, beauty, perfume, and more endorsed by the biggest stars. Celebrity Endorsed Products, celebrity endorsements, celebrity advertisements, and celebrity created products. taylor swift endorsement deals Taylor Swift Has a New Ad Endorsement Deal [THE BRIEF Laura Stampler. Jan. 24, 2013, 9: 06 AM Taylor Swift is the new face of Keds shoes. List of Taylor Swift endorsement deals, interests, and charities. View the brands and products Taylor Swift endorses, along with charitable contributions here. Taylor Swift Has A Huge New Endorsement Deal [THE Beyonce might have a 50 million deal to promote Pepsi, but sources told Ad Age that Taylor Swift has been

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