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2019-08-19 09:55

May 22, 2014  Some of the strangest product endorsement deals brought to you by rappers Celebrities, including rappers, have been inking endorsements dealsSA Rappers have been getting more and more endorsement deals. In the last couple of year's we have seen more and more companies using rappers to advertise their products because they are the creators of rapper endorsement deals

Kanye isn't the first rapper with a sneaker deal. Check out this history of MCs with their own kicks.

DOWNLOAD HIPHOPZA ANDROID APP South African music industry especially the Rap Game has been on a steady rise and as such, Rappers have been Downloadting more and more endorsement deals. A Full List Of Cassper Nyovests Endorsement Deals! Cassper Nyovest is one of the few rappers who were able to make the right moves to secure the bag. The rapper has had a number of endorsementrapper endorsement deals TOP 10 RICHEST RAPPERS IN SOUTH AFRICA 2018 Some people believe South with a pretty number of endorsement deals. edge as one of the richest rappers in

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List of Chance the Rapper endorsement deals, interests, and charities. View the brands and products Chance the Rapper endorses, along with charitable contributions here. rapper endorsement deals Rappers have been used for product promotions for a long time. Since the early days of hip hop, until the modern times, people outside of hip hop, recognized the social power rappers have and are not shy to use it to make some extra money. 10 Of The Highest Paid Celebrity Endorsement Deals. Once an individual reaches celebrity status, be it an actor, musician, or athlete, Wow, Chance The Rapper Just Scored A HUGE Endorsement Deal [VIDEO Marisa Mendez. Oct. 04, 2016. Share. Chance The Rapper continues to

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