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These 10 great work from home computer jobs will give you an idea of the many telecommuting opportunities among the computer and technology fields.# 10 in Best Technology Jobs Computer programmers write the code that makes software programs run. In addition to writing and converting code and maintaining and testing software and programs, a huge part of this job involves problem solving. jobs that deals with computers

Engineering contains a large number of job This engineering discipline is often divided between those who pursue careers on the Computer Engineers

Computer and Technology Careers Computer technology is evolving faster than ever before and demand for computer professionals with the right qualifications is at an all While not all of the Navy computer careers have an exact civilian counterpart, all provide training to equip the Navy computer specialist to support fleet operations while in the service. Each also provides the basis for a civilian career following naval that deals with computers Jun 02, 2007 What Kinds Of Career Jobs Can You Do That Deals With Computers?

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Dec 22, 2008 This Site Might Help You. RE: What are all the different types of computer jobscareers? And to make it more easier, just tell me whats the type of comp jobs that pays more then 30 per hour. Not to mention, what type of co jobs that deals with computers Architects, interior designers and engineers also use computers, proprietary software and computeraided design programs to expedite the safe design of buildings, cities and interior spaces. Other jobs that require drafting of documents or materials, such as a career as an attorney or paralegal, also require computers. Difficulty: (LOW) Most data entry jobs are beginner level jobs and don't require much or any prior experience or formal education. Database. Description: A job that requires

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